Low Voltage Power Factor Correction Panels CEL supply Condensator Dominit Low Voltage Power Factor Correction Banks. Dominit have been manufacturing Power Factor Correction system in Brilon, Germany since 1953. CEL also supply ABB Power Factor Correction Removable Modules for incorporation into MNS 3.0 switchgear systems.
Advantages / Benefits
  • Ratings up to 1175 kVAR
  • Lower costs of energy for our customers.
  • Standard offer includes for De-Tuned Reactors to reduce the effects of Harmonics.
  • Standard offer includes for Dry-Type Capacitors. (No Leaking)
  • Switchgear cubicles match those of the MNS 3.0 Switchgear Cubicles.
  • Heat optimised designs to ensure long capacitor life.